lördag 28 september 2019

Resefoto i Minsk

Resefoto i Minsk, Belarus, Vitryssland, september 2019.

lördag 21 september 2019

Minsk Hero City

The text on top of the building in central Minsk says: MINSK HERO CITY. The title Hero City was given to 13 cities of the former Soviet Union. (To be precise, there are 12 Hero Cities and 1 Hero-Fortress). Each of the Hero Cities was honored for it’s great heroism, sacrifice and role in the eventual defeat of the attacking forces during the Great Patriotic War (WW2). Of the 13 Hero Cities, 7 are in present day #Russia, 4 lie within #Ukraine, while the remaining 2 are in #Belarus (#Minsk and #Brest).

tisdag 17 september 2019

(Belo)Russian Tsar

(Belo)Russian Tsar (?) during Minsk City Day, September 14, 2019. Sony a9 + Tamron 28-75. ISO 100, f5.6, 1/320s.