söndag 20 november 2016

Lee Harvey Osvald in Minsk

Just across the bridge over the Svislach River in Minsk, Belarus, is the former residence of Lee Harvey Oswald. The alleged assassin of former US president John F Kennedy lived here for a couple of years in his early 20s. He arrived in Minsk in January 1960 after leaving the US Marines and defecting to the USSR. Once here, he truly went native: he got a job in a radio factory, married a Minsk woman, had a child – and even changed his name to Alek. But soon he returned to the United States and ...you know the rest. There are a few curious sites related to Osvald, the most prominent being his former apartment. While Belarusians are still baffled by some tourists' curiosity towards this site (there is no signage or markers anywhere nearby), Oswald's apartment building can be found at Kommunisticheskaya Street number 4.