söndag 15 juni 2014

The philharmonia

One of the most striking and easily recognisable, marble-faced, buildings in central Bishkek is the Philharmonia Concert Hall, (named after Toktogul Satylganova), at the junction of prospects Chui and Manas. This is, in fact, the third such home of the Philharmonic Society – which was established in 1936, based on the orchestra of the Kyrgyz State Theatre. The first home of the society was in the building now occupied by the Metro Pub, (on the corner of Prospect Chui and Turusbekova) and the second the Kyrgyz Promstroi Bank on the other side of Prospect Chui from the present building.

The present concert hall was built in 1980 and the Manas Sculptural Complex which stands in front of it, was erected in 1981. The complex comprises of a statue depicting the legendary Manas in a pose resembling St. George slaying the dragon. He is riding his horse, Akula, with a dragon, (or winged snake), entwined around them. The plinth on which he stands is flanked by statues of his wife, Kanykei, and his friend and advisor, Bakai, and busts of various famious Manaschi (Balykov, Dzapiev, Orozbakov, Karaliev) .