onsdag 16 oktober 2013

Street food - Bangkok

I Thailands huvudstad Bangkok finns otaliga enkla, ambulerande gatukök överallt i stan. Många kommer fram när mörkret faller. Det fräser och doftar och eldsflammorna slår ut från wokpannorna medan neonrören lyser upp varje gathörn. Det är en klassisk bild av metropolen Bangkok.
Foto: Anders Thorsell
Food stalls on the streets of Bangkok can look a little intimidating to foreigners, but they provide convenient, delicious and cheap meals to the locals. Wherever you go in the city, these food stalls are plentiful and very often you will find a high concentration of them in particularly busy areas. Some street vendors operate in groups, often in local markets, which means you can go to the same place every night and have a different choice of meal. Some even open around the clock.