måndag 25 oktober 2010

Hanoi Bia Hoi

Foto: Anders Thorsell

Ett härligt street photo från Hanoi. Mannen på bilden har varit på shoppingtur... Med sig hem har han tre flak med Bia Ha Noi, det lokala ölet i Hanoi.


About Bia Hoi - History
Hanoians have drank bia hoi since 1961, when Ha Noi Brewery began producing draught beer. Bia hoi was usually served at small stands on footpaths or in beer gardens at the edges of the city's lakes.The amber fluid was too expensive for most ordinary workers, three hao a glass (there were 10 hao to the dong).

At the end of the working day, everyone from labourers to government workers heads straight for the bia hoi where a group of friends will be waiting. These establishments represent a decompression chamber from the rigours of long, stuffy working hours, as well as a breathing space between the chores of work and family.