söndag 7 mars 2010

Picture # 39 - Burj Khalifa

The highest skyscraper of the world is Burj Khalifa. It was previously known as Burj Dubai but they changed the name when it was opened in January 2010.

Burj Khalifa was built primarily by workers from South Asia. Pictured here is one of them. This picture is from December 14, 2009.

Labour controversy
Press reports indicated in 2006 that skilled carpenters at the site earned UK£4.34 a day, and labourers earned UK£2.84. According to a BBC investigation and a Human Rights Watch report, the workers were housed in abysmal conditions, their pay was often withheld, their passports were confiscated by their employers, and they were working in hazardous conditions that resulted in an apparently high number of deaths and injuries on site.

On 21 March 2006, about 2,500 workers, who were upset over buses that were delayed for the end of their shifts, protested, damaging cars, offices, computers, and construction equipment. A Dubai Interior Ministry official said the rioters caused almost UK£500,000 in damage.[70] Most of the workers involved in the riot returned the following day but refused to work.

On 17 June 2008, there were 7,500 skilled workers employed in the construction of Burj Khalifa.

Source: Wikipedia.

Photo: Anders Thorsell