tisdag 12 januari 2010

Hey Joe!

- Hey Joe!

- Hey Joe! Where are you going?

- Hey Joe! What's your name.

Där har du vanliga fraser som hörs på stan när jag är ute och rör mig.

Hey Joe - Bakgrund

The Filipinos are a very generous people. So generous, in fact, that if they don’t know your name, they will even give you a name – and that name is Joe. I am greeted in this way no less than 3 or 4 times in a day, coming from men and women both young and old: “Hey Joe!”

As many guide books will tell you, in many parts of the Philippines foreigners especially males of Caucasian decent (read: white dudes) will be greeted as “Joe” referring to the GIs (American soldiers) who had a presence here through World War II. “Finally, Filipinos have a unique greeting for male (and sometimes female) Westerners: ‘Hey Joe!’ (‘Hey Kano!’ is a less used variation). Both are hangovers from Word War II when the country was overrun by GI Joes or American soldiers (‘kano’ comes form Americano’) and are used ad nauseam.

“Philippines”, Lonely Planet, p. 63, Edition 8, 2009

Den 12 januari har jag helt tillägnat street photography. Cebu city är en helt okej stad att plåta i. Bilder kommer framöver.

Imorgon: Boracay.

/Anders Thorsell