onsdag 14 januari 2009


Jag har druckit Frozen Margaritas med frisorer fran Manila, jag har druckit Tanduay-rom med Sibiriska snickare, jag har druckit iskall San Miguel-ol med danska hissmontorer.

Boracay har riktigt bra uteliv och stamningen ar den att alla pratar med alla. Fem kvallars utgang i rad kan dock bli lite enkelriktat. Nu aer jag sugen att aaka vidare igen. Vaedret aer inte bra haer alltsaa. Blaasigt och mulet nu. Knappt nagon som badar. Kolla bifogad vaeder-bild. Sett mer moln nagon gang???

Stannar har till den 16 januari och flyger sedan Caticlan (Boracay) - Manila - Cebu.
Alla flyg mellan Boracay-Cebu aer fullbokade pga Sinulog-festivalen. Jag fick darfor vaelja ett dyrare alternativ istallet.

Anders Thorsells guide till Boracays baesta och trevligaste utestallen:

Juice Bar
Juice is located in the Plazoleta, a small arts and crafts and boutique shop area with sand floor. It has a live DJ and plays RnB/Dance music. It's a hip younger crowd later at night, and the party and dancing at times explodes onto the footpath and plaza area. Plenty of seating in the bar area at the front, sand seating area with bean bag chairs in the center, and tables with seats at the rear.

Charlh's Bar
Charlh's Bar is the only bar on the beach side of the footpath and is truly on the beach. Every night there are live bands performing music of different types. There is a large hardwood semi circle bar, but most people sit on the beach inches from the sea watching the band. Charlh's is a Boracay icon, and probably has the best location this side of White Beach.

Summer Place
Arguably Boracay's best nightspot, Summer Place is a large native style bar. It's open plan, and facing the beach - perfect for dancing in the sand on those full-moon nights. The bar attracts a friendly crowd of tourists, expats and locals, and the music varies, with a variety of events taking place there in high season. There's a good Mongolian BBQ available earlier in the evening but the real fun begins after midnight. Dance on the beach. Dance on the table. Anything goes!

Hey! Jude Bar & Bistro
Guests keep coming at the Hey! Jude Bar & Bistro in Boracay for the imaginative drinks, great food, and the nonstop party. Be prepared for a festive mix of cocktails and beach air. You might find yourself dancing till the sun comes up.